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Conveniently located at 219 S Main St and one block off of the square

Sarah’s Friends

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Here is a link to Sarah’s Friends Annual Blizzard Auction in the Bryan Times.

Sarah’s Friends & Peter’s Family Eyecare

  • We donated 4 large shelving units to help them store their donations for families in need.
  • We donated a gift basket of sunglasses for their Annual Blizzard Auction, who’s proceeds all went to Sarah’s House.
  • We sponsored an Outreach wall calendar.

Sarah s House. Shelving Units1 Sarah s House Sunglasses Donation for Blizzard Auction Sarah s House shelving units 3 Sarah s House Shelving Units 2 Sarahs Friends Sarah s House 2020 Outreach Calendar

About Sarah’s Friends

Most notable has been our advocacy work for survivors of crime, most often those who experienced domestic violence. These services include financial and material support as well as emotional. We provide referrals for legal services, social services and counseling. In 2001, we started a housing program that assisted individuals and families with rental deposits and short-term rental subsidy to help our clients, most often women and children escaping a dangerous living situation. By 2010, this program grew when we started utilizing one of the apartments we own as Transitional Housing. We are now in the process of converting several more apartments to expand this frequently utilized service.