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tranquil vibes story

tranquil vibes

Reward yourself with a well-deserved spa inspired treatment that will leave your eyes feeling refreshed and your entire body renewed. By combining the proven benefits of our controlled moist heat* with therapeutic massage, we’ve created tranquilvibes™.

Within seconds of starting this doctor recommended treatment, you will feel the soothing moist heat and gentle massage over pressure points around your orbital bones and closed eyelids. The therapy helps loosen the oils in the meibomian glands (inside our eyelids) required to create a healthy moisture profile on the eye’s surface. Recommended for mild to severe dry eye patients, relaxation and overall good eye health. Good vibes for healthy eyes!

The tranquilvibes™ Story

The concept behind tranquilvibes™ was proposed by Dr. Randy Peters, an Ohio optometrist who has been in practice for over 25 years. Dr. Peters, who has experienced clinically significant dry eyes himself, realized there was a need for a more effective home treatment for those suffering like he was. This motivated him to gain a better understanding of the function, degradation and make-up of the tears and his creative energy led him to find a unique way to help facilitate the meibomian glands (inside our eyelids) to express their oils. Dr. Peters states "I hypothesized that if we were able to add vibration to the heat goggles currently available on the market, the result may be more facilitation of the glands expressing the oil, but also a much more evenly distributed tear film. The result could be immediate, clear, and comfortable vision upon removing the goggles. I was fortunate enough to meet Suzanne Paulson, founder and CEO of Eye Eco, who had developed creative solutions for dry eye patients using natural treatments. By offering an in-home treatment, combining heat and vibration, we create a healthier tear layer, which provides a more comfortable, relaxing and clearer visual experience when the tranquilvibes™ goggles are removed. It is my passion to help others who suffer with dry eye symptoms, and partnering with Eye Eco has allowed an idea to evolve from my imagination into a viable product which has the potential to help millions of people with dry eye, as well as change the landscape of dry eye treatment.”